2 Channel Land

2 Channel Land is a series of works exploring the history of analogue radio and television signals spilling across the borders of Ireland and Britain. The series currently includes a radio installation and a short docu-fiction film.

 Radio Installation

The radio installation is a collaboration with Tom O’Dea which was first exhibited at CCA Derry-Londonderry from July 19 - 24 September 2022.

2 Channel Land by Frank Sweeney and Tom O’Dea looks at the history of analogue radio and television signals spilling across the borders of these islands. Reflecting the complex spatial territories that were produced by transmitters and their environment, the work takes the form of a radio sculpture that permeates the gallery. Moving through the space using handheld radios, the sculpture presents an archive of audience memories, border pirate radio stations and TV deflector systems built by communities to capture and retransmit signals from across the border.

- Centre for Contemporary Art Derry ≈ Londonderry
- Sirius Arts Centre (forthcoming 2023)


 Short Film

‘2 Channel Land’ is a north-western docu-fiction film exploring the history of analogue signals spilling across the borders of these islands.

The film was commissioned by aemi & Sirius Arts Centre, and premiered at Cork International Film Festival on November 19th 2022.

- Cork International Film Festival - November 2022

Director of Photography - Seán Mullen
Cast - Janie Doherty, Lorraine McCauley
Art Direction - Aisling Redmond
Costume Design - Amie Egan
Additional Cinematography - Cóilín O’Connell, Janie Doherty, Frank Sweeney
Taxi Driver - Martin Benson
Script Consultant - Rachel Donnelly
Editing - Anna Heisterkamp, Frank Sweeney
Animation & Compositing - Andrew Loughnane
Colour Grade - Enda Rowan
Stills Treatment - Tom O’Dea, Frank Sweeney
Original Music:
‘KW Wrangler’
by Morgan Buckley
‘The Ballad of the Deflector’
by Morgan Buckley, Janie Doherty, Frank Sweeney
‘Come On Down (To the Border Town)’
by Lorraine McCauley & Clifford Austin
‘Live outside Croke Park’ by Acid Granny

Commissioned by
aemi & Sirius Arts Centre
Additional Funding
The Arts Council of Ireland
Supported by
CCA Derry-Londonderry
Temple Bar Gallery + Studios