People enjoy my company

A film exploring the privatisation of the state owned telecommunications company Telecom Éireann in 1999. The work examines the event from the viewpoint of the disenfranchised small shareholders as communicated on early online forums. The film contextualises this within emerging ideologies of technological emancipation in the pre millennium period.

The film we be screened as part of no_matter_here, a digital artwork, web zine and exhibition that connects the work of artists exploring pre-millenium networks as potential sites of technological emancipation. Presented at Brightening Air | Coiscéim Coiligh, a nationwide, ten day season of arts experiences brought to you by the Arts Council.

The film is funded by a project award from the Arts Council, the development was funded by a Rapid Residency Award from Science Gallery. The film was presented at an aemi Rough Cut event in September.

Forthcoming 2021