Repeater is a collective of Irish artists & musicians focusing on DIY production, self publishing, alternative modes of the art spectacle & community.

The Department of Energy - Lee Lines (2021)

Collaboration with Yemi (2020 ddr. Vol.3)

USB Data Dump (2019)

The humble and everyday auspices of the Debit/Social Social Security card, the physical medium for some of the most important data necessary for functioning within contemporary society. These modern artifacts have been liberated from there prescribed use, a USB memory stick discretely implanted within the format, for aesthetic and counter-surveilnace purposes. It is imperative not to let this device fall in to the wrong hands...

The contents of this card is a digital data dump. Unfinished manifestos, polished pop ballads, never seen video classics, useless html code, audio confessions, low resolution photography, stolen recipes, industrial gronk music and more. New material has been produced and retrieved while off grid in a safe house within Cork city limits (tank u Cork Sound Fair): rare Ballincollig dub-plates, Keith Flint tributes, what your brother thinks is the worst song he's ever heard, stolen secret vegan cheese recipes, subliminal Keygen messages and so on. Combined with this is a vast range of data in varying formats has been received from collaborators and co-conspirators; the Human League for androids, Cobh Sunsets,
interviews pertaining to secret data centres on Dublins outskirts, documents and folders rescued from obscurity and much more...

You are encouraged to add and edit each USB as you see fit. Have fun navigating the contents!

Transmit and wreak havoc on the programmers!

Dublin Inquirer feature

Featured on The Quietus

Repeater Volume 1 (2015)

Repeater Bandcamp

Repeater Weekend Zine (2017)

Summer zine with T-Shirt produced for the Repeater area at the Out To Lunch Weekender


Drop Everything residency (2018)

This tape is comprised of recordings made collaboratively by members of the Repeater Collective in the Áras Éanna Arts Centre on the island of Inis Oirr in May 2018. It features field recordings made on the island as well as recordings created during music production and dj workshops with the amazing students of Scoil Gobnait.

During this residency a zine was also compiled by the collective, comprised of images taken during the artist residency, images gathered from the local island library archive and pin-hole photographs captured and developed by students of Scoil Gobnait.

This tape was first aired on local airwaves at 108 fm. This temporary pirate~radio station was dubbed by the collective as 'Radio Leictreamaighnéadach' for the duration of the residency. Using an onsite transmitter and antenna, Repeater Collective broadcast the tape recordings as well as other various studio performances as they took place between 24th - 27th May 2018.

Collaboratively produced by Cliona Ni Laoi, Coilin O’Connell, Mel Keane (Melly), Michelle Doyle (Sissy), Dean McGrath (Lastminuteman), Jennifer Moore (Dream~cycles), Gareth Smyth (Lumigraph), Cait Fahey, Frank Sweeney (Sias), Dylan Kerr, Donal Talbot, Kevin Freeney, Eimear Walsh, David kitt, Rory Reilly and the students of Scoil Gobnait.

This residency was facilitated by Drop Everything festival.

96th Best album of the year on The Quietus

Winter Edition Tape & Zine (2019)

Tape and Zine Collaboratively produced by Repeater Collective and friends - Michelle Doyle, Cliona Ni Laoi, Frank Sweeney, Coilin O’Connell, Eva Richardson McCrea, Mel Keane, Dylan Kerr, Dean McGrath, Jennifer Moore, Gareth Smyth, Cáit Fahey, Denis O’Connor, Colm Keady Tabbal, Rachel Lavelle, David Kitt, Aidan Wall, Ivan Pawle, Maria Somerville, Orlando Fitzgerald, Steven Harrington

Repeater parties (ongoing)

A series of parties with local artists and collectives and activists. The parties showcase zines, installations, art and records from artists based in Ireland.