All I believe happened there was vision

A film in search of the Irish Otherworld, a place where there is neither sickness nor age nor death; where happiness lasts forever and where food and drink do not diminish when consumed. It is the home of a people who value material wealth only as a basis for right living, where fields and villages are joyous with the sounds of industry and the laughter of happy maidens. In short, it is the best small country in the world in which to do business, raise a family and grow old.

The project emerged from a period of research in partnership with the National Folklore Archive at UCD, exploring representations of the otherworld in the oral tradition. The film searches out these otherworld's in the modern Irish state, surveying free zones, data centres, utopian housing projects and large infrastructural developments. Taking the form of a travelogue we visit these sites of mythological importance and examine their role in the formation of a national imaginary.

Supported by St. Patrick's Festival
Research with the National Folklore Collection at UCD

Cinematography: Anthony O'Conner
Otherworld woman & 16mm: Pippa Moloney, Rory Sweeney and Lauren Cullen
Narration: Maria Oxley Boardman
Violin: Áine Gallagher
Drone videography: Karl Fingleton
Dialogue editing: Denis O'Conner



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